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Pokemon Yellow Rom

Pokemon Yellow Rom

The game industry is a fantastic heaven of its own kind; it is full of developers who are always trying to do three things: create the best games, take the center stage in the gaming arena, and rule the market. From the day the first game appeared, back in the times when Smartphones were just wishy-washy hopes of daydreamers, until today, the best developers have always had the say. Read more about the Pokemon yellow rom download below.

Do you remember when the first games were released? Yes, this was back in time when black and white was the only color that tech companies knew and Motorola mobile phones ruled the market. It was in the frenzy of those times that Pokémon games appeared. If you think this is a game that falls in the list of a ‘just the other day thing’, you were probably never born to be a gamer.

Pokémon as we know it has come a long way already. Of course, a lot has since changed since the primary development of the game, but changes are often necessary, and we must always expect them, to say the least.

So, what so special about this game anyway? Well, a lot. And mind you, as the game gets better, it continues to become the talk among people to whom this game is a close ally.

The first generation of Pokémon games was the video game series’ most important and still one of its best to date. Among the games making up the first generation of the video game series included Pokémon Red, Blue, and most notably Yellow. Nintendo kicked up a flare of nostalgia among pokefans when it released new versions of all the first generation Pokémon games, leaving players with no choice but to revisit their Pokémon classics.

Pokémon Yellow particularly brings back the fun of the now simple Pokémon video games. It combines the classic feel of the first two classics while also adding new concepts that boost the fun and action.

Here is a trip back to the good old days when Pokemon Yellow ROM was the best video game in the industry.

A Rare Gem

Before its second version’s release in 2016, Pokémon Yellow had become a rare gem among even the most ardent pokefans. To start with, you needed a vintage Game Boy color back from 1999, around the time when the game was released. Additionally, you needed a ROM file which has been out of sale for about a decade.

However, with the right gadgets, it becomes almost addictive having a go at one of Pokémon’s best classics. It is particularly difficult to miss some of the following highlights stand out when relishing that classic feel of the original Pokémon Yellow.

  • An unmistakable classic feel

Back in 1999, Pokémon yellow was one of the best video games that you could lay your hands on. Compared to most other video games, it was the cutting edge in animation and graphics. Today, however, the thought of the simple interface can almost put you off, but it is one of the aspects that elicit the nostalgic feel.

The game is set in Kanto, and looking at it today it is incredible to see the level of detail in the interface. There are a lot of things to explore including shops, wild Pokémon’s, characters, and gym masters among others. With such a vast area to explore and so many things to interact with, it may prove difficult to put down the Gameboy as you endeavor to tame the next wild Pokémon.

The simple look and feel of the original Pokémon Yellow is what makes it so appealing; many players find it a pleasant change from today’s clustered video game interfaces.

  • A game of wits

One of the best things about Pokémon is that it has always been about more than brawns. It is a game that requires careful planning every step of the way. Pokémon Yellow was revolutionary in this case as it introduced personality and mood in the Pokémon. In addition to collecting the wild Pokémon, you are also obliged to keep them happy and responsive to your commands.

The starting Pokémon, Pikachu, is angry from the word go and it takes some persuasion to get it to warm up to you. You have to level up often and avoid fainting easily to keep its moods up. In return, your Pikachu will be happy and always ready to go, allowing you to tame even more Pokémon. Pikachu also has a unique personality that develops as it learns, and it is interesting to see how your moves affect your Pikachu’s development. To some degree, players get to form some sort of relationship with their Pokémon, which is one of the addictive elements of the game.

  • A long and captivating mission

Pokémon has always stood out from many other video games for its sophistication. It is based on the original Pokémon anime series, and the developers went a long way to recreate it back in the 90s and early 2000s. As mentioned earlier, the landscape was vast and detailed. Coupled with over 100 wild Pokémon up for grabs, the mission is long and exciting.

To start with, the wild Pokémon are not as easy to tame as it would seem. They vary by personalities and strengths, and the challenges seem to increase as you level up. What’s more, there are 151 Pokémon to collect, which guarantees players will always be busy hunting. Considering that each Pokémon only serves to boost your character’s power, you cannot help but move on to the next one after each successful hunt.

A New Version of Pokemon Yellow Rom

Pokémon celebrated its 20th anniversary in style by producing its latest games as well as new versions of Pokémon’s best classics. This came as great news for loyal fans that previously did not have access to these classics. And, considering that several upgrades have been introduced to the best classic in the first generation batch, Pokémon Yellow, the feeling of playing this classic is almost alien.

The new version of Pokémon Yellow is dubbed Special Pikachu Edition. It is in many aspects a recreation of the original Pokémon Yellow, but it features a slightly modern look and feel. Some of its new features include:

  • A splash of colors

One of the aspects that give the Pokémon Yellow Special Pikachu Edition its slightly modern look and feel is its colorful interface. The new version utilizes four colors for its original interface, and the spectrum of colors grows as you level up. This makes it easier to make out different items and fits in better with the advanced consoles.

  • Multiplayer capability

Back in the days, two players had to connect by a cable to play against each other or trade. This, coupled with the poor quality of connectivity back then, made Pokémon classics largely single-player games. However, Pokémon Yellow Special Pikachu Edition could not have come at a better time.

Perhaps the best thing about the new version of the Pokémon Yellow is that players can connect wirelessly. This has opened up numerous new opportunities for fun in the form of new human opponents to battle against or trade with. The opportunities are irresistible considering how huge the Pokémon online community is, and the games are flawless compared to their original versions as long as you have strong internet connectivity.

Additionally, there is a new battle mode in the Colosseum 2 which adds more detail to the multiplayer mode. In this battle mode, two human players can face off in a fair fight regulated by several rules. For instance, each player is limited to three Pokémon only. Additionally, the Pokémon are regulated in terms of physical aspects such as weight and height, and each species can be used only once per team. For ardent fans, this makes the game fun to play and also facilitates the online community’s growth.

  • Better tunes

Pokémon Yellow Rom Special Pikachu Edition has made audio upgrades to go with the new visual appeal. By playing with the headphones on, you can choose from three audio modes to go with the game. The audio is much more distinct than when playing on the mono speaker and it is so simple and classic that it is pleasant.

Download Pokemon Yellow ROM

If Pokémon classics have been elusive for you in the past, you can now rest easy as the new versions are designed to run on your 3DS, Gameboy, and other consoles. The new versions are available for download directly on our site, and they are free. To have a go at the new Pokemon Yellow Special Pikachu Edition, simply click on the “Download” tab and wait for the Pokemon Yellow ROM to appear.


Pokemon Yellow Rom has never been as exciting as it is today. The new version released in 2016 will take you back to the 90s, and you do not have to hustle for it. Download the Pokemon Yellow Rom Special Pikachu Edition and give it a go on the console of your choice to relive the good old days.