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2016 was a big year for Pokémon, which once again proved its resilience and popularity. For most fans, this was because of the release of Pokémon Go, which took the world by storm. However, ardent gamers were also eager not to miss out on the re-launch of some of Pokémon’s classics, including Pokemon Yellow GBA.

Few people had the privilege of playing Pokemon Yellow GBA prior to 2016. Back then you needed a Pokémon Yellow ROM file and sales in stores all over the world had ceased. Many ardent fans found way to keep this classic, but for others it took a lot of digging to get their hands on a ROM file. However, this is not the case anymore as you can now download a ROM file and play this classic on Nintendo and a range of other consoles.

The new Pokémon Yellow version is dubbed Special Pikachu Edition. It features several upgrades, but the game-play remains untouched. Here is what to look out for from the new Pokémon Yellow.

  • Special Pikachu

The new Pokémon Yellow Special Pikachu Edition begins with Pikachu, just like the original version. Players do not get the convenience of choosing a starter Pokémon, but this is not a hindrance as Pikachu is more than capable.

Expect your Pikachu to be as moody as ever in the new Pokémon Yellow Special Pikachu Edition. Pikachu loathes poke balls, so it will follow you closely behind as you make your way through Kanto hunting other Pokémon. You can always talk to your Pikachu and gauge its mood by turning around and pressing A.

Pikachu’s mood will depend on how well you play the game, and a bad mood essentially means you are not doing so well. As such, be sure to bring out your A-Game and you will have a better chance of bagging other Pokémon with Pikachu’s assistance. To keep Pikachu in a good mood, endeavor to level up often and avoid fainting.

However, you should be warned early enough that your Pikachu will start off with a foul mood especially considering that it will be fresh out of the ball that it loathes so much. As such, it is your responsibility to impress it until it warms up to you, which is easier said than done. However, it will be much more responsive once it comes around, and you will have an easier time collecting wild pokemon. Besides, what better way to start a game than with a challenge, right?

  • Same Old Interface

At first it may seem odd playing Pokemon Yellow Special Pikachu Edition for several reasons. First, it is well over a decade since most fans played this classic. Additionally, the setting is as classical as it was almost 20 years ago, and to some extent it feels out of place in the new advanced Nintendo, Google and other consoles. However, this is what brings out its spark and amplifies that feeling of nostalgia.

The game is set in Kanto, an area with plenty of wild Pokémon for you to tame. The setting looks and feels simple, but it is as detailed as the original version. Additionally, it is more enticing as the background is colored.

  • Lots of Action

Kanto is a region that is rich in wild Pokémon, but not all are easy to catch and tame. It will not take long for you to come across a wild Pokémon and hopefully give your Pikachu a partner. However, you will need to bring out your best game, especially if you want Pikachu to do the same. As you conquer more and more Pokémon, your firepower will increase and fights with other players and gym masters will be explosive.

Kanto also has plenty of gym leaders, which makes the Pokémon Yellow Special Pikachu Edition even more fun. It is easy to come across gym leaders as you journey around Kanto, and you are always free to take them on. However, be warned that the gym leaders may be just as armed as you are and you may end up losing one of your Pokémon.

If, however, you are one to fancy formidable foes, then you will appreciate the inclusion of wireless communication among players. Although Gameboy has never supported multiplayer modes in the past, it made an exception for the new Pokemon versions of classics such as Pokémon Yellow, Red, and Blue. As such, you can connect with other players within your range and compete or trade. The multiplayer mode comes at a higher price, but it makes playing the new Pokémon Yellow twice as fun as human opponents are more formidable than wild Pokémon.

Additionally, there is a new battle mode in the Colosseum 2 which adds more detail to the multiplayer mode. In this battle mode, two human players can face off in a fair fight regulated by several rules. For instance, each player is limited to three Pokémon only. Additionally, the Pokémon are regulated in terms of physical aspects such as weight and height, and each species can be used only once per team. For ardent fans, this makes the game fun to play and also facilitates the online community’s growth.

Changes to Look Out For

Nintendo went a long way to maintain the original aspects of Pokemon Yellow GBA. However, it did make some upgrades that have made these classics even more appealing. The updates were limited to the interface to improve visual appeal, so players get to enjoy the same feeling elicited by the original version released almost 20 years ago.

Some of the changes to look out for include:

  • Color

The original version of Pokemon Yellow GBA got its classic feel from, among other aspects, its black-and-white interface. However, this has changed with the Pokémon Yellow Special Pikachu Edition, and it has given the game a new lease of life. The new version features four variations of color: green, black, blue, and white. The variation of colors also increases as you progress, making the interface more detailed.

The colored interface makes it easier to interact with other characters and Pokémon. Besides, it is only befitting in this day and age when modern video games are seamless.

  • Sound options

Virtually every Pokémon classic featured music and sounds that were just as plain as the interfaces. In fact, the new Pokémon Yellow Special Pikachu Edition features the same classic sounds and music. However, players can now avoid the harsh sounds by inserting headphones. Unlike when blasting on mono, the sounds come in three modes when playing with headphones on.

This comes as a much welcomed change as, coupled with the colored interface, it gives the new version of Pokémon Yellow a modern feel.

  • A talking Pikachu

Pikachu also comes with several incredible upgrades in the new Pokémon Yellow Special Pikachu Edition. The most amazing of its features is that he can speak. As such, it becomes easier to liaise with your Pikachu and even socialize if you have the patience. However, do not expect much as your Pikachu’s vocabulary is limited to “pika, pika”; still, considering that pokemon sounds were nothing more than just rumbles, this came as a substantial development back in the days. For ardent pokefans, this is just one more aspect that is expected to make the new Pokémon Yellow even more addictive.

Pikachu also has a unique personality compared to other Pokémon, and this compensates for the absence of choice for a starter Pokémon. Its personality is complex for such a classic, and it is impressive observing the different mood and behavior changes in your Pikachu as you advance.

Download Pokemon Yellow GBA

If you are feeling nostalgic about Pokemon Yellow GBA and other Pokémon classics, do not worry as you are in luck. You can now play Pokémon Yellow’s new version, the Special Pikachu Edition, on Nintendo consoles and any other supported consoles for free. The Pokémon Yellow GBA file is now available for download on the site, and it comes with all the upgrades in place.

To get a go at the new Pokémon classical, simply click on the ‘Download’ tab and wait for your GBA file to appear. You can then proceed to play on Gameboy, Google console, and a host of other supported consoles. The file is free to download and play, so do not hesitate.

You can also revisit other classics including Pokémon Red and Blue, both of which are also available for download.


Pokémon made a remarkable comeback in 2016 not only with its new Pokémon Go but also with the newly launched Pokémon classics. For ardent Pokémon fans, indulging in this fun-filled game has never been as fulfilling as with the new Pokémon Yellow version: Pokémon Yellow Special Pikachu Edition. It retains the classical look and feel of the original version while also introducing several upgrades that make it just as engaging as Pokémon Go.

Fortunately for you, you are in luck as the new Pokémon Yellow is available for download. Quench the itch of playing the new Pokémon Yellow Special Pikachu Edition by downloading a GBA file for free.